Technical Services

We drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive. Companies across the economy are seeking for new sources of economic value and achieve step-function improvements in productivity, flexibility, and speed. Yitro Technical services provides the know-how and delivers value. 

what we do?

Application Services

Our end-to-end services provide industry and technology expertise, solutions, frameworks and tooling to enable our clients to drive business agility, competitive advantage, transformation and cost efficiencies. We work with clients to build highly-customized applications and to shift their development practices to Agile.

Technical Support Services

Yitro offers technical support services to Product OEMs, ISV's, Service Providers, Service Integrations, Enterprise Software companies, in the product, network and software application environments. Yitro provides comprehensive service transition framework enabling solutions for knowledge management and analytics driven operations. Truly 24X7 global L1, L2 and L3 services for multi-technology, multi-vendor environments.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Services consists of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage an Enterprise’s distributed and Hybrid IT environment as a single entity with single point-of accountability. Yitro leverages its proven transition process to ensure a smooth start of systems support services and be operational keeping criticality of operations in mind and to ensure minimal impact to operations and service levels.


Application Development

Consumer technology expectations are rising rapidly—and just as rapidly infiltrating the enterprise landscape. Successful digital transformation relies on a modernized core. Leaders need to stay customer-obsessed by modernizing their enterprise applications.At Yitro, we help build diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements.

Application Maintenance

We can integrate and operate diverse application landscapes ranging from modern cloud applications to traditional (legacy) applications. We deliver best in class productivity and service standards enabling customers to remain focused on their digital transformation strategies. Our application value management solutions can help you balance cost, complexity and capacity. You can significantly reduce cost of ownership, boost service levels and create new operational efficiencies.

Testing Services

Our established testing approach employees a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies for planning, process control, performance metrics, test automation, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. That translates to superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and a real competitive advantage.

Product Support

Yitro offers technical support services to Product OEMs, ISVs, Service Providers, Enterprise Software companies, System Integrators in the product, network and software application environments, which is delivered through a shared services model.

The quality of technical support is an integral part of the product evaluation for a consumer. We consider it a mission critical function.

Yitro offers L1, L2, L3 Technical Support, done 24/7, Multilingual. There are varying models to choose from, offshore, onsite, near shore and remote support.

1. TAC Support [B2B, B2C] 
2. Professional Services Support 

Enteprise Customer Care

Yitro’s range of customer care offerings include customized customer service, after sales support, revenue management and order processing services, among others. With our comprehensive inbound and outbound call center support, email management, live chat and mobile SMS/text support, we address all the needs of your customers and enhance your brand value by functioning as a seamless extension of your business.

1. Revenue Management
2. After- Sales Support
3. Customer Service 
4. Service Administration 
5. Service Entitlement & Routing 
6. Customer Success Management 

Support Plus

Yitro provides to its customers a framework of critical support processes, we design and build our solutions on core principles of innovation, end user experience, and customer experience to deliver and manage highly compelling and engaging customer touchpoints. Our goal is to help companies achieve customer experience and superior business performance across all customer touch points. 

1. Enterprise Training & Development 
2. Knowledge Management & KCS Based knowledge systems
3. Technical Publications
3. Design, Animation & Video Services
4. Content Development 

IT Operations

Yitro helps you to strengthen ITSM experience, to greatly increase the availability of resources and foster accountability while still complying with SLAs. With our wide range of Infrastructure Services, we support you optimize critical IT investments while meeting the demands.


(ITSM) Services leverage end to end service delivery model for effective management of your IT applications and infrastructure. Yitro's consultants put in reliable and tested approaches. Our consultants are ITIL certified and are equipped to provide end to end implementation assistance.

Network & Security

Yitro provides world-class Network & Security services which includes implementing tools and technologies, designing and executing processes and support services to monitor your IT assets 24x7. Our services are based on industry best practices and standards such as ISO27001, ITIL, etc.


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Client Results

Strategic Move,
Full Coverage.

Complete control, multiple locations, wide range of assets, all end-points; Solution built, 24/7 governed in under 60 days. 

Hear out how a Managed Services provider was provided the solution stack, the service teams and was helped in setting up IT NOC, Service desk, for multiple customer locations across the US West Coast. 

Client is a Service provider for the Hospitality Industry specialized in “In-Room” Tech-Support. With network of clients spread across the West Coast. 

01. Application Build

1. Custom monitoring application, built, tested and deployed in 4 months.
2. IOT Solution – custom build device integrated with custom monitoring software deployed.
3. Solution delivered and hosted on Client cloud environment.

Team set to simplify the network and replace the overly complex and expensive solution and to deploy a very unique 'harvester IIOT' concept from a Partner. Solution was tested and deployed which acted as a local network monitoring unit across every location channelling all findings to the cloud.

02. NOC Services

1. Providing 24/7 monitoring for two geographic teams working out of US and India
2. India operations is run by Yitro IMS team [60% US – 40% India]  
3. 24×7×365 monitoring services
4. Problem Detection, Resolution and Notification
Performance Management, Network Optimization
5. Collaborate and guide the field personnel, provide remote support on demand.
6. Provide reports of Trouble Tickets, Status, Performance & Utilization

03. What was done?

Our team started by looking after the customer eco-systems. Customers paid high costs to monitor and most of them did not have full SLA coverage nor any active support models. All issues were addressed in 'reactive' mode. Yitro team with partner solutions build and deployed the right-sized IT solutions. We put forward a cheaper, more comprehensive, automated and intuitive range of options available.

Next, we aligned the infrastructure and added a functional and practical ticketing routine. This replaced their existing expensive support eco-system and provided reliable, highly cost efficient working solutions. Our approach resonated with our client and client's customers.

04. Right Results

As promised, our client benefitted from higher operational efficiency & lower operating costs. 
There was a dramatic reduction in the number of IT issues raised per customer per quarter as the NOC captured all issues .

1. Client quickly and confidently expanded their regional capabilities to meet the demands of clients.
2. Yitro's solution allowed for the rapid onboarding of new providers for client. 
3. Removed the need for multiple resources per site for clients customers.

- Yitro Delivering Solutions Ahead of Schedule.
- Yitro experience, horizontal knowledge of the technologies, Partner solutions helped meet strict timelines. 

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