Consulting Services

Providing actionable counsel to drive business transformation. The expectations of customers and citizens are profoundly transforming how business is done. Business consultants work alongside clients as trusted advisors, helping them navigate the changes to become agile enterprises.

what we do?

Business Consulting

We support our clients in successfully translating business strategy into new organizational designs, optimized business processes and enterprise-wide technology solutions. Our approach is based on taking the business context of our clients as the starting point on every engagement. We then add our significant industry perspective and outside-in thinking to the process.

Operations Consulting

Operational improvement is often a fundamental requirement and continuous effort for any organization that wishes to succeed in today’s environment of change and challenge. Global firms continue to face cost pressures across competing priorities making high-quality delivery a key focus. Yitro's program management helps firms optimize business value and minimize delivery risk. 

Leadership Consulting

The process of decoding a combination of personality, adaptability, corporate culture, business models and other variables is highly nuanced. It requires keen discernment of both quantitative, ‘hard’ qualities, such skills and experience, and less tangible ‘soft’ qualities. Organisations need tools, techniques and guidance to navigate the factors that impact a leader’s potential for success.


Organization Design

Assess organizational strengths and weaknesses, align on design principles, and shape your organization to match your strategic priorities. Improve in both business performance and employee engagement.

1. Organization Modelling
2. Customer Experience
3. Reports, Metrics & Business Planning

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing consulting practice will help you develop and execute your business strategy to grow faster than the market with our collection of actionable service offerings.

1. Product Positioning & Commercialzation
2. Sales & Channel Acceleration
3. Brand Transformation 

Leadership & Talent

We have the best of digital tools, strong sourcing network, wide spread recruitment channels, high tech OEM/ISV penetration, alliances with institutions - at the hands of extraordinary talent sourcing specialists.

1. Managed Services for Recruitment
2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
3. Leadership Hiring

Service Delivery Excellence

Our consultants help connect operations to strategy, transcends siloes, and focuses on the opportunities that will create the great operational value. Yitro can help you develop an end-to-end plan to achieve your full vision. Top-performing companies often turn to strategy and operations consulting firms to assist them driving greater strategic value, more efficient resource utilization, higher quality products and services, accelerated time to market and a strengthened bottom line.

1. Capability Building
2. Service Design, KPI framing 
3. Service centre reporting & analytics

4. Process re-engineering, automation

Cost Transformation

We help simplifying, refocusing and strengthening your organization, so you can pursue growth and provide a better customer experience. Yitro's Strategic Cost Reduction practice focuses on structural, moving-parts, enterprise-wide changes that can produce sustainable cost savings and margin improvements. Deliver sustainable actions that capture savings, improve margins, and strategically allocate resources to growth initiatives. 

1. Cost Management 
2. Business process improvement programs
3. Shared services and global business services organizations

Build - Operate - Transfer

For tech consulting companies, service providers, agencies, deciding to go down the path of IT software outsourcing is a strategy geared towards saving costs but not compromising quality. Yitro functions as a reliable, adaptable, and flexible partner – one that has strong inroads into the local market. In this model, the offshore provider builds and operates the remote centre for a pre-defined period of time. After that, you have the option of taking over seamlessly the resulting team.

1. Process Design
2. Facility, Resources & Asset Planning
3. Government compliance and Legal
4. Financial outlays
5. Deployment, Support and Scale

CFO Services

Yitro's Interim CFO resources provide financial leadership to CEOs and Board of Directors. Our CFO consultants ensure the Executive Team can focus on product and service development or sales. Our CFOs frequently negotiate venture capital, handle audit coordination, valuations, tax issues, due diligence and the selection and implementation of core business technology.

COO Services

Yitro provides interim operational leadership to the CEO or a Business Unit Head on a part-time or project basis. Our interim COOs are often tasked with helping organizations scale, improving operational quality, building new sales channels or complying with complex government regulations.

CHRO Services

The “Office of the CHRO” service offering focuses on improving organizations HR processes and departments through the use of industry best practices. Yitro offers assistance with Strategy, Governance, covering end to end of HR processes and Operational support by executives who have served in the capacity of CHROs or VPs for multiple enterprises.


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Client Results

Bold Move, Great Returns.

Lock, stock and barrel; of a complicated Health Care process [Build - Operate] achieved in under 45 Days.

See how we’ve helped our clients achieve extraordinary outcomes. Our customer from US jump starts its Operating Model with Yitro.  We have the expertise, background and infrastructure to deliver a full end-to-end solution. We have served some of the world's largest corporations and taken on the administrative burden freeing up our customers time, allowing them to focus on their priorities.

What was done?


Demographic Analysis

Our Business Process Outsourcing centre is based in a vibrant, progressive area in the CBD - Core Business District region of Chennai, India. We chose to headquarter there because of its location and its access to educated, outward-looking young population. Chennai is home to about 11 million people and close to 50 Universities, 16 Autonomous Institutes, many colleges that generate a very strong, skilled workforce. English is widely spoken, and most of the workforce speaks several additional languages, making Chennai an ideal location for operations.


Setup Routines

• Being an US health care organization with multiple processes, checklists, compliances. We completed the project, processing 70 staffers into the client’s operation in 45 days.
• We have an established facility in Chennai allowing for fast start-up onsite, while a permanent location was being provisioned.
• Market expertise and operations in India specifically in Chennai, Bangalore gives immediate access to talent.
• Our subject matter experts cover across geographies and markets. Experience spans technology, financial services and other key industries.
• We drive lean thinking into our process development, operating in an Agile continuous improvement environment.


Facility Provision

Yitro’s facility has been designed to allow fast start-up operations, scaling to tackle the immediate task while the project team fits out a longer-term base. It is a new location in the business heart of the city. The operation is within our CBD headquarters, fully staffed with Operations, Technical, Logistics, IT, Security, Accounting and HR personnel. 

With Yitro, it's also partnering with a specialist Talent Acquisition provider that delivered a full end-end capability covering sourcing and screening, building of talent communities & your Employer Value Proposition, Yitro works with you in partnership to deliver powerful outcomes.

Procured Tax Benefits from Government.
Setup the captive centre for client in STPI zone.
90 Days to build the captive centre; populate with 90% of staff.
Setup every administrative, legal, functional, core business process. 


Operational Success

• Yitro met the challenge of the client organisation moving operational functions across geographies.
• Own their decision processes to focus on core priorities.
• Close management of OpEx with reduced Capital outlays.
• Transparent, pre-determined costs entering and exiting the engagement.
• Own their talent pools and do not rely on external vendors.
• Internal resources not required to source, recruit and onboard new hires.
• Avoidance of the learning curve associated with operating in a new location.
• Eliminated the initial up-front investments required for setting up a new offshore centre before it becomes productive.

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